The Church of Engerhafe is named after John the Baptist and was built between 1250 and 1280.
There are a lot of dark secrets connected to this place.
Until 1897 there had been a second building at the west side of the church, named the Hipkenborg.

When they tore down a wall they found a hidden chamber with human bones.
There are rumors that there has also been an secret tunnel below the building. Others say the entry to the tunnel was located in the cellar of the priests mansion beside the church and that lead to the legendary castle of the tom Broks in Oldeborg. Nobody knows.

Because nobody ever reached its end. Brave frisians who tried to go deeper down the tunnel soon turned around in fear. Fires and lights went out shortly behind the entry and the air was unbreathable. The people then decided to close the entry with a brick wall.

A Map of Legends in East Frisia
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