The terrible tragedy of Tjark Evers


In a foggy night shortly before Christmas the young sailorman Tjark Evers wants to visit his family on the frisian island Baltrum. He convinces a fisherman to take him and a friend to the island, even though it is getting dark the fog is getting very dense. His friend leaves at the shores of the island Langeoog, the fisherman and Tjark head on to Baltrum.

They reach a beach, Tjark leaves the boat and heads home barely seeing anything. Shortly after that he discovers that he has not landed on Baltum, but on a sandbank in the middle of the wadden sea. The tide is rising, the sandbank is slowly disappearing in the ice cold water.

In his devastation he writes his last words in his notebook – a letter to his family. The water is already reaching to his hips. Tjark knows that this is the end. He puts the note in his small wooden cigarette box and fixes it with the fabric he has worn around his neck. One week later the box is found on the shores of Langeoog. The body of Tjark Evers was never found.

See Tjarks letter from 1866 and read the full story in german on this page.

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