Kate McDonald is an Emmy Award winning television and film producer who specializes in creating multi-platform media content and experiences. Kate’s work has been featured on PBS NewsHour, MAD Magazine, Noisey/VICE, and Minnesota Public Radio.

Kate recently produced a soon-to-be nationally distributed feature film, The Seeker, written by the band Cloud Cult and starring Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother) and Alex McKenna (What Women Want).  The Seeker was an official selection of the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival and was named one of the top 10 films to see at the Phoenix Film Festival and top 8 must see at Sarasota Film Festival.

In addition to production Kate develops strategies for digital engagement and partnerships between nonprofits and runs workshops for digital media integration in schools.


Matthias Süßen was born in a small, isolated village in the Frisian moors exactly at the same day like Matthias Sdun. He grew up with legends and traditional stories of his Frisian and Gipsy ancestors. They told him about witchcraft, the darker side of „magic“ and how he can defend himself against it. Matthias imbibed East Frisian history with his mother’s milk. He knows a lot about the East Frisian chieftains, the great battles of the past and tragic stories of common people. He heard about men who went to the wadden sea, vanished in the mist never to be seen again and people who have disappeared in the swamps seduced by a will-o’-the-wisp. Therefore he is the navigator of the Lostfriesland-Crew. The guy, who knows secret, but dangerous ways through marshes, bogs and the tidelands.

The Showrunner

Matthias Sdun is a mobile and a mystery maniac – he teaches smartphone filmmaking and loves horror movies. A good combination to create a mobile mystery series. He was born in Emden, East Frisia, on the same day as his team mate Matthias Süßen. And believe it or not: Even their mothers have the same name.

Matthias is an award winning program developer, documentary filmmaker and videographer. He has been creating programs for web and tv for the last ten years. During his World Press Institute Fellowship in the United States he had the idea to create a mystery series strongly focussing on the history and ancestry of one of the biggest groups in the U.S. population: americans with german roots.

The Screenwriter

This guy creates plots that will scare the … out of you!

An Austro-Scottish Screenwriter based in the South of Germany, John writes dark and edgy character-driven tales for producers on both sides of the Atlantic. Winner of the Louis Mitchell Award for Excellence in Writing at the 2015 Action on Film Festival in Los Angeles, a number of his screenplays are currently being filmed or in development.


The Researcher and Remixer

This is Eric enjoying his traditional cup of east Frisian tea while doing research for Lostfriesland. Eric is a German American born in Emden, east Frisia. He lives in Florida and loves to dive deep into frisian mythology. Eric knows where to find some very creepy legends which built the magic connection between Lostfriesland and the United States.

Eric has also been into music and remixing for years. Prepare for some dark east frisian gospels all spiced up with some modern tunes