The endless battle on the Wild Fields


The ‘tom Broks’ were a powerful East Frisian dynasty of chieftains, originally from the Norderland on the North Sea coast of Germany. In the second half of the 14th century, they tried to wrest control of East Frisia from the other chieftains, resulting in a merciless fratricidal conflict. On October 28th, 1427 it culminated with the ‘Battle of the Wild Fields’ (Schlacht auf den Wilden √Ąckern) between Oldeborg and Marienhave, where Ocko tom Brook had his headquarters. This bloody battle lasted the whole day, resulting in the death of more than 4000 East Frisians and the capture of Ocko tom Brook by Focko Ukena.

Legend has it that the entire area was covered with the blood, and that the battle was so cruel and brutal, that every full moon, the undead rise from their graves to continue the combat. On such nights, out of the mists, many are those who have heard the whispering of a thousand ghostly voices, before they were covered by the cries of death and the sounds of ferocious battle.

A Map of Legends in East Frisia
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