The Lost Woman


A young farmers daughter from Petkum was deeply in love with one of her fathers servants. As here parents strongly opposed their relationship the young couple left East Frisia to settle in America. The woman wrote letters to her parents but never got a response. Years later she travelled back to Petkum to visit them. She walks past the village, all the way up the old Klappweg.

All of a sudden a strange old woman appears, showing her the way to a house in the distance. It could be her mother, but she does not speek a word. As she tries to approach the house, she is suddenly sorrounded by walls, but somehow cannot make it. After a while she finally reaches the door. An old woman opens, telling her that her parents passed away a few hours ago. The woman stayed with her dead parents that night. The next morning her hair had turned gray.

Within the next years the woman came back from America to visit her parents grave. Her husband accompanied her every year. The last time she came alone, went out into the fields and was never seen again. Some say, you can hear her crying in autumn, when the geese are crossing the fields. And some say they have seen the woman at the old Klappweg from time to time.

A Map of Legends in East Frisia
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