Hauke Hansen worked as a foreman on a farm in Toquard in the Harlingerland. Machiavellian by nature, he regularly tormented those who worked under him. One day a young farmhand, some say it was Onno Attena, was tasked with taking the horses out to the paddock at a late hour.

Despite the fact that Attena claimed that he was not afraid of the dark, Hansen couldn’t resist the temptation to test Attena’s mettle. Disguising himself as a devil, Hansen waited in the darkness near the paddock, revealing himself when Attena approached. To Hansen’s surprise, however, Attena was unafraid and made no attempt to run.

Frustrated, Hansen was about to leave when both men suddenly heard a terrifying voice, “Who are you, doing the devil’s work instead of me?” Overcome by fear, but not wanting to lose face in front of Attena, a trembling Hansen replied, “That’s none of your business!“ Irritated, the ominous voice asked him what his intentions were. “That’s my affair!“ replied Hansen. Angered by Hansen’s tone, a sinister, dark figure appeared and slashed Hansen’s face with its claw. Fearing for his life, Hansen attempted to escape but the dark figure pounced on him. Fighting for his life, Hansen called Attena for help.

Although he had little reason to intervene, fearing both for his own life and having little sympathy for Hansen, Attena was moved by the sounds of Hansen’s futile struggle. Plucking up his courage, he leaped onto the dark figure only to discover that it was the Devil himself. Impressed by Attena’s selfless act, the Devil decided to spare both Attena and Hansen, and faded once more into the darkness.

Many years have passed since the incident, but Hansen’s face still bears huge scars from the Devil’s claws. Purged of his Machiavellian tendencies, he now treats his colleagues with respect, and never since has he tried to trick the Devil again.

A Map of Legends in East Frisia
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